Well why don’t you check out some cool ways to hang art in your home?

One of my favorite ways to display art in a home is with an eclectic gallery wall. Begin by collecting a variety of work such as paintings, photographs, collages, etc….  If you like it and can afford it, then get it! My motto is big or small just get it on your wall. Arrange the work in a variety of frames and suddenly you have a little gallery in your home. 

Unfortunately if you are like me, a renter (I dream of the day of owning my own home just to hang art how I want to!), then drilling lots of holes in the wall is out of the question. The next best thing is leaning the art against a wall or in a window. This will allow a lot of freedom as well; you can easily change pieces around to suit your mood!
Another great way to display art is “off center”. Often you see work in the middle of a wall with chairs on either side, or a piece right in the middle of a mantle, but I think it is better to take advantage of the open space and allow the work to stand alone.
Lastly- attempt to display work in an awkward space, such as corners or above kitchen counter tops. Use it! Put small pieces that you love in those places. Turn the awkward and ordinary into extraordinary.
 Basically the rule though is there are no rules! Find a place in your home where you can enjoy it.
Images found on Pinterest or Domaine Home

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