Well, why don’t you meet Josefina Isabelle?

Instagram is one of those go to places to find new artists which bought me to the very talented Josefina Isabelle based in Sweden.  We can’t take our eyes off of her bold monochrome digital images.  I got the chance to interview her, see what she says below:

Tell us about yourself, how did you become and artist?

I’ve actually never thought of myself as an artist, but when I graduated this spring I started working more on my art and it started getting noticed.  I started drawing when I was a kid, it didn’t really mean anything until I hade to choose a direction for Gymnasiet (Swedish High school), and I decided to go with art. So I actually started working like 10 hours a week in school with my art and even more at home. And then things just kind of escalated… when you start doing it for real you kind of get hooked.
2. You seem influenced by fashion, is that your main inspiration?

Oh I’m in love with fashion, the clothes, the models, the photoshoots and editorials. It’s easily my main inspiration during the last year and probably in the future too, but my other inspiration is Music. Great Music can make you completely forget about Everything else while you paint. I’d reccomend Florence  + The Machine, John Newman and MS MR too everybody.

3. How do you create each piece?

It’s usually an idea I get, and then I turn it over in my mind for a few days before I get around to making a sketch (mainly to not forget.) Sometimes the piece changes drasticly and sometimes I follow the sketch, but mostly I work from this image in my head.

4. What plans do you have over the next year?

Since I graduated this spring I’m tired of school, so I’m going to keep working until autumn, and maybe then I’ll start studying graphic design if I get in. I’d love to get some traveling done too, I want to revisit London and go to Rome. 

5. Where can we find you online?

You can find me at my website http://www.josefinaisabelle.se/ 
Or follow me on instagram @Josefinaisabelle 


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