Well why don’t you follow the artist, Natasha Law?

Hannah and I both fell for Natasha Law’s work at this years Art 14 fair.  What caught my eye was the high gloss liquid like surface,  but my favorite thing about the pieces are the unusually poses of the models.  Instead of the traditional model stance it seems these subjects have been caught in a moment…maybe not the most flattering moment, but honest and inviting.  Her work can be found at the Eleven Fine Art Gallery.  Law lives and works in London.

“It is her protracted process which creates the vibrancy in her works. She often begins with line drawings from her modelling sessions and determines where to zoom in and crop the image before transcribing the lines onto the aluminium panel. She then applies numerous coats of household gloss paint in a completely dust-free environment to achieve the flawless almost liquid like surface which has become part of unique style.” taken from Eleven Fine Art

Getting Ready to G0

Over Her Shoulders

Green Stripes

Blue Strips

The Space in The Middle


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