Well why don’t you get some tape?

a narrow strip of material, typically used to hold or fasten something.
Oh, but it is so much more for these artists.  They have taken this adhesive material and used it for street art, installation,  wall design, and more.  I think there is a blank wall in my house that would be perfect for some “tape art”.
Streetart by Buff Diss in Berlin
Buff Diss, street artist
Through looking back you may go blind (2011) - art installation by Megan Geckler; flagging tape, eye hooks and existing architecture
Megan Geckler, installation artist
Monika Grzymala, Installation Artist
New Geometric Tape Art from Aakash Nihalani	 tape street art geometric Aakash Nihalani, mixed media
tape art / buff diss Be a little creative and you make anything look special or trendy with a specific point.
Image found on Flickr
Image found on Pinterest

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