Well, why don’t you get the look of this room?

Hannah and I often see a fantastic piece of art placed in a home, and have found it difficult to source who the artist is or where we can find the piece.  We hope these posts allow readers to easily “get the look” of the art, with prices that are affordable. Unfortunately, I do not know who the artist is in this picture, but the painting reminds me of Cy Twombly piece.  One of my favorite artists, who was a painter that often worked with chalk and pencil to create graphic markings on his works.  I wish I could afford a Twombly, but his pieces are just a bit out of my budget (and by a bit I mean a few million dollars away).    Here are a few artists that are similar to the painting below, and their prices are much more manageable.  If you like any the works we have the links attached on where to buy. Do not be shy, contact the artist directly with any questions.  Also, last night I received a notification from Saatchi Art Online mentioning that they curated a list of works inspired by Twombly.   One of the best places to buy art online. DOS 1 1. Daniel Stern 925.1 $1500 2. Kitty Sabatier Price on Request 3. Cheryl Wasilow Capital Hill VIII $397.00


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