Well, why don’t you get the look?

We showed Sasha Bikoff’s fantastic art packed apartment the other week, and I was really drawn to this colorful photograph .     I did a bit of research to find similar artists and ideas. Then after a recent visit to my aunt’s home I found a photograph she had taken while in Brazil that is almost identical to this one.  I am in luck!  If you like the look we are giving you a few ideas on where to find art that is similar and in varying prices, or contact me for my aunt’s info.   


1. Marcelo Castro does incredible travel, cityscapes, and architecture photos for an unbelievable starting price of $25.00 per image, 12X18 inches.  I am sure larger images can be discussed with him.  Here is one of my favorites…

2 and 3. Martin from Shutterstock where you can download and print the images yourself.  Packages start at about $50. for 5 images, but if you want to go crazy there is an option to buy and unlimited download for a monthly fee.   The best past is the photographer is still paid a commission


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