Well why don’t you check out Art Production Fund?

I came across Art Production Fund on the site AHAlife.  Usually a site where I find cool clothing labels, but recently a Peter Doig beach towel popped up, and I fell in love.   I did some research on the company, and found that they are a nonprofit organization that place several world renowned artworks to everyday objects.  Here are a few of their fantastic beach towels.  They might be a bit pricey for a towel, but a fun way to bring art to the everyday, and of course perfect for the summer!

“Art Production Fund (APF) introduces art to a larger audience by helping contemporary artists produce public art projects. The nonprofit organization has assisted in the realization of projects such as the famed Prada Marfa sculpture in Texas and has put pieces by up-and-coming artists on top of New York City taxicabs. In that same vein, APF’s Works on Whatever (WOW) places original artwork onto to everyday objects like mugs, plates, stickers and towels, thereby making works by Jeff Koons, Barbara Kruger and other world-renowned artists accessible to all.”        


Peter Doig                                                       Barbara Kruger                              Julian Schnabel




Cecily Brown                                                Yayoi Kusama                                  Ryan McGinley




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