Well, why don’t you meet painter Katie Jobling?

The flow and energy of Katie’s paintings  have a calming affect that makes you relive those perfect summer days.  We’ve been watching her for a while on instagram and had to interview her.  Here is an insight into her creative process and what plans she has for 2014…

Tell us about yourself, how did you start painting?
I’m a 23-year old artist from Derbyshire, England who is constantly learning about painting, art & the world in general. I’ve always loved painting & drawing from as young as I can remember and have never stopped creating. Being able to cut down my work to part time, I started having more time to paint, and I shared my creations on my Instagram page.  People started to react to my art and some asked if it was for sale. I had never thought about doing it as a career but I thought, ‘why not?!’ So after creating an Etsy shop and taking on a number of commissions, here I am.

What inspires you to create?
Nature, other artists work & of course, pretty colours. I never know when inspiration will hit me. Sometimes I will sit for days in front of a blank canvas trying to force ideas – which never work out. Then other times I will feel a wave of inspiration and excitement & create 3 paintings in one day! It’s important for me to only paint when I feel inspired, because I think you can always see whether there’s passion or not in the final piece.

What is your painting process, how do you do a painting from start to finish?
I usually will scrape my palette clean & ‘tidy’ up my studio so I don’t have to stop mid-flow wondering where a certain brush is! (I’m kinda clumsy and put things in weird places). Then I sort of play with ideas, colours & decide what feeling I want to inject into the painting. It is hard to describe my process, because for me, painting is very intuitive. I rarely plan out a piece. Instead I let my brush take over and let it go where it wants to. My work is generally done in stages across a few days. This is because a) I get distracted a lot, b) I like to sip my tea whilst staring into the possibilities and directions it could go.

Where would you love to hang your work?
Ooo good question! I would love to hang my work wherever it would be appreciated. I understand that this is an extremely boring answer! But for example…it could be hung somewhere that gets thousands of people walk past every day, and with their busy lives, pay no attention. Or it could be hung in that one room, where that one person finds it so special, that it transports them to a happy place where they can ‘breathe’. I don’t care all that much for numbers, art is much deeper than that.

What plans do you have for 2014?
My biggest plan is to keep creating and making sure my artwork is from the heart. I’m so excited for what this next year holds, as my body of work grows, so does my style. It’s really amazing to be supported so much that I can create art for a living and I hope that never changes.

Where can we find you online?
My website & art blog can be found at www.katiejobling.com and you can find all my social media links from there. I’m on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & Pinterest so come find me!


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