Well, why don’t you visit the studio of Anna Schuleit?

Anna Schuleit Haber is a visual artist who studied painting at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in Providence and Rome. I recently came across some of her studio photos with works in progress, which made me want to find out more about her work. She has done many installations and live art pieces, and has shown at Coleman Burke Gallery in New York. Here is where she works out of her Brooklyn Studio

“If I stay long enough in the studio, just stay with the work even if it doesn’t feel great or seem satisfying or directional or conclusive, if I just stay to tend and garden, then my mind gradually yields control to the more automatic labor of painting, and with that comes a sweet spot in the process further down, a worn groove, a sense of ease.” – Anna Schuleit


Well, why don’t you meet Artist Claudio Parentela?

We were super excited to have artist Claudio Parentela write to us about his work.  The Italian based Artist has been creating since 1995 with figure paintings and more recently photography and collage pieces, with some big shows planned in USA next year.  We love his work and I’m sure you will too, find out more about his inspirations here…

Tell us about yourself, how did you get into art?

I make art since……a lot….many many years….professionally since 1995….my first and important show is been in Lubljana in the far 1999 at the ‘’Break21 Festival’’….a fantastic experience with wonderful people there….since then I paint every day…..it’s a fantastic journey every day….for 15 years I painted and drew only in black and white with tons of black Indian ink ….in these last years I needed of colors and to experiment with other…..with other materials…..with all I’ve on hand….

What inspires you to create, where do you find your inspiration?

So difficult and easy at the same time to answer…..many many things….different ,similar things inspire me continually every day to create….music….absolutely… first I need of good music ….my cigarettes….and if it’s possible a good beer….
My muses/my inspirations vary every day…..Ghedalia Tazartes,Diamanda Galas,Shirley Horn,Patty Waters,Ornette Colemann,Sun Ra,Vivienne Westwood,John Galliano ,Moschino,The Incapacitans,Alan Vega&Suicide,Hercules and Love Affair,Can,The Irreprensibles……much much fashion….underground comics…..my books……Aurobindo and the Mother,Sai Baba,Tarots,Kundalini Yoga,Carolyne Miss,Alesteir Crowley…….my friends….their laughters….my garden with my cats and my beloved flowers….my wife….and our love!

You work with lots of different mediums, do you have a favourite?

No….I love to experiment with all and to create with all….lately I do a lot of photos……weird photos naturally ….working on them in various ways….mixing photos and collages…..I do always tons of collages…..I dirty them then with colours,threads,plastic,fabrics….

Lately I adore to photograph……during this year I did a lot of photos also every day…..

Where would you love to hang your work?

MoMA,Saatchi Gallery,Luhring Augustine Gallery, Carmichael Gallery,David B.Smith,Fecal Face Gallery,Rodeo,Fortes Vilaca,Known Gallery,Gaga,Galerist,RaebervonStenglin, Eva Presenhuber, Galerie Kamm,Gregor Podnar, Kraupa-Tuskany, Meyer Riegger, Johann König,Luciana Brito Galeria, Isabella Bortolozzi ,….. and the list could go on and on

Do you have any artwork in your home? If so, which is your favourite piece?

Oh yes naturally….I’ve many artworks at home….my favourite piece is the’’PAINTING205’’….old yes…but I love it again so much….

What plans do you have for the rest of 2014?

I’m preparing 3 shows for the next fall in USA…working on my next 3 tarot decks…..on some t-shirts……on my interviews….and much other again……

Where can we find you online?

In a lot of places….on my web sites:

and on my facebook: https://www.facebook.com/claudio.parentela.1

PAINTING205Painting 205


Well, why don’t you check out Nuevo Estilo for inspiration?

We have no idea how long Nuevo Estilo has been around, but we are just taking notice.  This online(? ) Spanish interior design magazine contains some of the most beautiful homes. Almost all of the them highlighted on the site have an outstanding curation of art.  One of our favorite things about this site is the homes are inspirational and attainable.  Everything from studios to large homes are displayed.   Thank you Google Translate and Spain!

Salón con chimenea y sofá rojo
Comedor fresco y con color
MFAMB :: My Favorite And My Best
Cocina con muebles de madera
mix de estilos en el salón
Estantería con libros

Well, why don’t you have a good weekend!?

It looks like another wonderful sunny weekend in London.  When I lived in NYC I couldn’t wait to leave the city during the summer, but it is the opposite in London.  Summer is the best time to be here with all the green space and the relaxed outdoor drinking laws. Also it gets that hot, never “East Coast USA” hot, where the humidity is 100% and temps are 95F/38C .  Ugh!

Hannah’s street art is taking over East London, and if you are close to Hackney Wick this weekend have a look at her beautiful work.  There is a new collaboration piece completed with another street artist, Lucy Lucy.  My work is still up at West Elm so if you have not been please go have a look.  A fantastic collaboration with Rise Art and West Elm, big business helping small business helping starving artists.

IMG_4864 IMG_4852 IMG_4855 l8 IMG_4861 artist 1 artist artist 4 artist 2artist artist 2 artist 4

Well, why don’t you hang with bulldog/binder clips?

An interesting way to hang your art work is with binder clips or bulldog clips. The best part is that the work can easily be changed. Little commitment is made so if you are deciding how you want your gallery wall to look you can change it when you choose. I wish I knew about this idea while in a my college dorm room, it would of been perfect.

Binder clips to hang up photos

Gallery wall with binder clips mixed in instead of frames

sourced from Helt Enkelt

Artwork by Hannah Lemholt

Sourced from Netta Natalias

Hannah Adamaszek at Fousion Gallery

Sourced from Poppytalk

Artwork by Christopher Hunt


Well, why don’t you look in the studio of Artist John A Sargent?

I love getting newsletters from Saatchi Art Online.  This week the studio of Artist John A Sargent caught my eye.  I wanted to share his stories of his studio life with some great pictures …

Prefer to work with music or in silence?

I am always in motion when I work, usually standing, so there is a kind of dance that is already occurring. Music is a huge part of my life, as I am also a so-so musician. I usually start with the music on; but if I am really in the work I am not very aware of much else…so it can get very silent.

If you could only have one piece of art in your life, what would it be?

That is an impossible question to answer. There is the childish work of my son, for absolute freedom. There is a portrait of my family I created that I hold very dear. There are works by Old Masters that I covet, but to say which one at any given time changes with the thoughts of the day, or the moment. I do have a pretty good copy of the Mona Lisa I did in the early nineties that hangs in our breakfast nook as a shrine, with Christmas lights…it was that or a soup can… kind of a joke about art and life.

Who are your favorite writers?

I used to read lots of philosophy, and modernist literature about physics, the universe, and quantum mechanics. It was all pretty heady and I got what I got. Currently I am reading biographies about the American founding fathers.