Well, why don’t you meet Lauren Besser, the creator behind Maripossa?

We were absolutely thrilled to get to interview Lauren Besser, the creative force behind Maripossa. We adore the beautiful natural forms and textures that are in every piece of her jewellery, and how each piece is intricately hand crafted from raw materials. Starting in only 2010, Lauren has made a real mark in both the jewellery and the art worlds, with more to come…


Tell us about yourself, how did you start making jewellery?

I’ve always made things with my hands since I can remember. I was always cutting up and reinventing my wardrobe, making jewellery, beading and just experimenting with creating. Instead of pursuing studies in a creative field, I studied psychology at university in melbourne, Australia. In between my studies I did a short course in fashion design. I became quite restless at uni having put my creative pursuits aside and decided after finishing i would venture out on my own and do my own thing. After backpacking through central and south america when i was 21 i came home and decided a traditional job wasn’t for me in the long term, but i have it a short stint before taking a risk, being true to myself and starting Maripossa.

What inspires you to create, and do you have a different inspiration behind each collection?

I’m inspired by everything, from the most seemingly mundane of things, but nature is a strongest influence. Many of our pieces are organic, one of a kind and have a whimsical quality to them. The same as we see in nature. I aim for the designs to create this same sense of curiosity when we are amazed by the natural world around us.

What is your creative process like, how do you end up with the final piece?

I don’t have a deliberate model that i follow to get to the final design. I often have an idea but it’s constantly evolving and fluid as I begin to make it. More of ten than not the final design is a completely different variation on the original idea. Sometimes the beginnings of an idea is a sketch, sometimes a moment in time that i write down and remember the feeling i had that i wish to revisit and then something forms from there.

We love that you have work in Museum of Contemporary Art and the Museum of Old & New Art, where would you love to show your work next?

I would love to have my work MoMa in New York and the L’Eclaireur store in Paris. Both places I hold in high esteem and have admired since I was a child.

What artwork do you have hanging on your walls at home?

I’m a huge art fan but unfortunately my walls are a little bare as I’ve been planning to move for some time. The works I have hanging are all gifts. I received a David Bromley for my 21st birthday which I only hung recently, as well as an Aboriginal painting from my grandfather.

What plans do you have for Maripossa for the rest of 2014?

In an ideal world I’d love the rest of the year to be filled with a lot of travel and collaborations with other artists. But I’m in the middle of finalising a pretty big contract, which if it comes together will be taking up a lot of production time for the rest of this year, and trying to decide if we can fit in a group show in New York in September.

Where can we find you online?

We have an online store at www.maripossa.bigcartel.com and sell to a few other online retailers. Our pieces are also coming soon to the super cool, The Cools


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