Well, why don’t you meet Photographer Clay Lipsky?

We came across the photography of Clay Lipsky a few weeks ago on Pinterest and had to find out more. We love how he has a diverse subject matter, working with the simple beauty and elegance of any subject. He has a way to really draw you in and connect with what is in the frame. We were more than excited to have the chance to interview Clay and to find out whats in store for 2014…

Tell us about yourself, how did you get into photography?

Photography has always been a companion with me in life. Ever since my dad bought me my first camera in the 6th grade I have had a passion for it. Although in school I pursued my other interests of graphic design and film for my career path. It wasn’t until the advent of high quality digital cameras when I was lured to experiment and fully explore the creative possibilities of the medium. Since then I’ve gone back to shoot film, Polaroids, medium format and any process that can create an image.

What inspires you to create, how do you decide what you will photograph next?

I can find inspiration in almost anything, but travel opens my eyes the most. Since I did not study photography I am often pushing myself to explore various styles from documentary to abstract and conceptual. It’s also fun for me to experiment with different cameras and techniques in order to create different looks. The important thing for me is to just keep shooting and ultimately bodies of work present themselves. 

We love that you have a certain style to your photography, is this something that came naturally at the beginning, or is it something you worked on over time?

I do? I feel I am constantly evolving, but composition and color are always very important to me. Also during the editing process I can be very harsh on my own work and only allow images that are technically and creatively sound to be published. So I guess a lot of my work needs to pass the same internal checklist.

Where would you love to hang your work?

It would be great to have large work hanging in a major museum with a unique, custom installation.

Do you have a favourite photograph of yours? What is it that makes this one your favourite?

I still like this photo I took years ago of a man sitting at the beach in what would be a very tranquil scene, but behind him are these ominous smokestacks and refinery behind him. It was a scene I stumbled across but it almost looks staged. It has the happenstance magic of photography but also the conceptual idea of man versus world, which most of my work revolves around.

What is in store for the rest of 2014?

I have a couple series that need to be finished and then after that I may to explore some mixed media and possibly handmade books.

Where can we find you online?



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