Well, why don’t you meet sculptor Claire Jackson?

I first came across Claire Jacksons work at the Coffee Art Project Exhibition in London earlier this year.  I fell in love with her sculpture of a cheetah bursting from a cup in liquid form.  Claire is unique in how she works with a polymorph material in a really organic way.  We wanted to find out more about how she started and whats in store for the rest of this year.  We were beyond thrilled to interview her for Well, why don’t you…

Tell us about yourself, how did you start out in the art world?

From a young age I have always loved to create. I created my first praised sculpture at the age of five. I had great teachers at school that supported my ideas and helped me to learn new ways to create my artworks in various mediums. The first signs of my microscopic influence in my work happened about when I was twelve and I have revisited this topic often creating various artworks inspired by science over the years.

I studied fine art at university and taught myself how to sculpt in a smart medium which is now my most recognised art medium.

It was for my final year exhibition comprised of this smart medium that I won my first award. This spurred me on to enter art competitions after graduating, which led to me winning multiple awards and elevating my art career. I also set up my own business and since then have been working with some amazing galleries and clients producing unique art pieces which capture people’s imaginations.

What inspires you to create?

I have always been inspired by the vast visual stimulus of the arts, and I guess that from being very young I wanted to be able to visual express my ideas and share them with others too.

As for the inspiration behind the subject matter of my work, I gain that from a multitude of sources. I would say that science and nature mostly provide a rich array of topics and imagery. Cutting edge microscopic images & unique organic forms play a big role in influencing my artworks.

We love all of your artworks, which medium is your favourite to work with and why do you like it?

My signature artwork style has become synonymous with a white smart plastic called Polymorph. I have been using this material for over eight years now with many people contacting me with questions about the medium, as I have won awards for my unique craftsmanship and original use of it to create my sculptures. The medium allows me to create surreal forms due to its properties and I find it pleasing and intuitive to sculpt with.

Where have you received recognition/awards and what for?

I won my first award at university for my final year Degree show, comprised of multiple large scale polymorphic sculptures, for which I won first place in fine art for the Enterprise award.

My second award came from entering the signature art awards with my largest biomorphic abstract sculpture to date, which won me first place in the sculpture category for my unique style and approach to a subject and crated in a unique medium which I have now become renowned for using.

And my third award was from the coffee art project where I was first runner up for my sculpture ‘The Impossible Coffee’
Though I am immensely proud of gaining these awards, I am very proud of my achievements of being one of the UKs top 100 artists who took part in creating an egg sculpture for ‘The Big Egg Hunt’, For raising money for charity through auctioning my artworks at high profile events, and for being able to take part in amazing exhibits such as Spare Parts.

Where would you love to display your work one day?

Besides Galleries such as the Tate and the Saatchi which I think most artists aspire to exhibit in, I would love to have my artworks exhibited in the Yorkshire sculpture park one day, I grew up in South Yorkshire though I mostly exhibit in London.

What artwork do you have on your walls at home?

I am a great supported of other artists, so allot of the artworks on my walls are from unknown or up and coming artists. A favourite of mine was a pencil portrait commission by Abigail Larson

What plans do you have for the rest of 2014?

I have lots of new organic inspired art pieces coming up, Some of my latest Seed pod, Hinged jewelled fruits and abstract Coral sculptures are currently on display at the Leyden gallery (http://leydengallery.com/) and I hope to be creating some new challenging science inspired pieces too from the breakthroughs I have been researching from TED talks.

Where can we find you online?

You can find my work online at my website (www.artistclairejackson.com)
You can also find me on the Degree Art Gallery website (http://www.degreeart.com/users/claire-jackson ) at the Leyden Gallery (http://leydengallery.com/) I am also on various other websites such as pinterest, Deviant art, Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Claire-Jacksons-Artworks/316087851766880?ref=hl ) Please also follow me on twitter for all the latest updates on what I’m working on (Twitter: @polymorphist )


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