Well, why don’t you have a good weekend!?

It looks like another wonderful sunny weekend in London.  When I lived in NYC I couldn’t wait to leave the city during the summer, but it is the opposite in London.  Summer is the best time to be here with all the green space and the relaxed outdoor drinking laws. Also it gets that hot, never “East Coast USA” hot, where the humidity is 100% and temps are 95F/38C .  Ugh!

Hannah’s street art is taking over East London, and if you are close to Hackney Wick this weekend have a look at her beautiful work.  There is a new collaboration piece completed with another street artist, Lucy Lucy.  My work is still up at West Elm so if you have not been please go have a look.  A fantastic collaboration with Rise Art and West Elm, big business helping small business helping starving artists.

IMG_4864 IMG_4852 IMG_4855 l8 IMG_4861 artist 1 artist artist 4 artist 2artist artist 2 artist 4


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