Well, why don’t you have a massive miniature weekend at the Ben Oakley Gallery?

The Ben Oakley Gallery in Greenwich, London presents ‘A Massive Miniatures Show’ with over 30 fantastic artists on a miniature scale.  The show is running until 31st August…Artists Include:

Hannah Adamaszek,
Dillon Akehurst, 
David Bray
, Pam Glew,
 Ray Richardson, 
Stuart Fortune,
 Aiste G, 
 Gonny Van Hulst,
 Rob Reed,
 Soft Wax, Yvonne Wayling,
 Ben Oakley
, Claire Swindale,
 Shirley Falconi
, Jimmy South,
 Carlos Martyn, Burgos,
 Carne Griffiths,
 Guy Denning
, John McCarthy,
 Ben Murphy,
 Everett Jaime, Blair Zaye
, Fret
 Matteo Giuntini,
 Mark Melvin,
 Barry Bish,
 Vanessa Lonchamp,
 Michael Newson,
 Airborne Mark,
 Claire Parsons,
 Orli Ivanov, 
Nikki Hill Smith, 
Jon Mortimer
, Lucy Sparrow, Eddy Suleyman,
 Hedley Roberts,
 Lewis Bannister,
 Becca Smith
, Ben Naz, Rowan Newton, 
Rugman Mobot


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