Well, why don’t you check out The Collector?

I am soooo bummed I missed Frieze London this year, and even more upset that I missed this booth at Frieze Master’s!  The  Helly Nahmad gallery created an installation titled The Collector.  The viewers were able to walk through a recreation of a 1960s apartment in Paris (pictured) belonging to a fictional intellectual called Corrado N. Behind a pile of dirty teacups in the sink sat Pablo Picasso’s graphic Buste d’homme barbu, while a piece by Alberto Giacometti was resting on the bedside table. Incredible!  I love the overflowing feeling of the art and books…it reminds a bit of my aunt and uncle’s place in NYC (The Collector is much messier though!).   This is a perfect idea for a booth, and I hope to see more galleries embrace it.  Think of all the ideas! A cozy English cottage with William Turner’s!? or minimalistic Swedish designs with Tracey Emin’s!?   a bachelor pad with Marliyn Minter’s?

1960s apartment

*Images found on the internet from various sources.



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