Well, why don’t you meet Artist Jose Romussi?

We have been fans of Jose Romussi’s work for a while, having come across him in the Jealous Curator. Born in Chile and now living in Berlin, he combines black and white photographs with colorful forms of embroidery.

“I intervene images by applying my own perception of beauty to them. Sometimes by giving them a new identity or a different aesthetic concept. It’s the chance to give this image a new emotion, a new life, a new interpretation of beauty through embroidering.”

Here we found a great interview and insight to his work…

Please give us an introduction on who you are and what you do.
I am Jose Romussi from Chile, and a self-taught visual artist since 2010.

When did you start to develop your interest in embroidery?
It was started when I could not represent my ideas in painting. In the search for new ways, I found the thread.

Could you tell us more about the idea behind the collaboration with photographer Rocio Aguirre in STRING-FIGURES project?
The idea was super simple. In some day we talked about doing a collaboration together. She took the pictures based on the theme of the game, String Figures. After a few months, I got the inspiration in doing it in a different way, most of the images like the urban or underground lines or some words that I steal in somewhere!, (The idea is like to voice out or represent some inner feelings through my hand with those lines & colors)

How do you choose your subject matter?
I don’t choose the subject matter to do my interventions. I start to draw and I apply my designs on those images. The subject matter will become more solid with the given inspiration based on those images.

Has fashion been an important influence in your work?
Fashion is not my influence but I do have a lot of inspirations found in some fashion designs and embroidery.

Where do you find your motivation?
Being as an artist, I feel that art is part of my life, so I think only my motivation is to live my life.

Where would you like to go next?
More far from where I am today.



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