Well, why don’t you check out the Anthony Lister show in London?

Being one of my favourite artists, I headed straight down to Anthony Listers latest show at the Lazarides Gallery in London to see his work. Hurt People presents a series of multi-faceted portraits saturated in celebrity and media obsessed disaster, continuing the artist’s distinguished superhero series featured in 2013’s Unslung Heroes.  The upcoming exhibition extends the artist’s exploration into the innate sense of chaos and false sense of security existing in modern society, distracting us from the current continuum of corruption and tragedy.  We think its well worth a visit…the show is only on until 20th December


Well, why don’t you visit the group show at the Curious Duke Gallery?

If you find yourself wanting some Art inspiration, why not head down to the Curious Duke Gallery, for a group show of urban art meeting experimental landscapes. Holiday Group show exhibiting Curious Duke Gallery artists with prices ranging from £25- £3,000. The show runs from 31st October until 28th February. It also features Rising Moon, White Magic and Lone Star, exclusive pieces to the gallery.

Well, why don’t you check out The Collector?

I am soooo bummed I missed Frieze London this year, and even more upset that I missed this booth at Frieze Master’s!  The  Helly Nahmad gallery created an installation titled The Collector.  The viewers were able to walk through a recreation of a 1960s apartment in Paris (pictured) belonging to a fictional intellectual called Corrado N. Behind a pile of dirty teacups in the sink sat Pablo Picasso’s graphic Buste d’homme barbu, while a piece by Alberto Giacometti was resting on the bedside table. Incredible!  I love the overflowing feeling of the art and books…it reminds a bit of my aunt and uncle’s place in NYC (The Collector is much messier though!).   This is a perfect idea for a booth, and I hope to see more galleries embrace it.  Think of all the ideas! A cozy English cottage with William Turner’s!? or minimalistic Swedish designs with Tracey Emin’s!?   a bachelor pad with Marliyn Minter’s?

1960s apartment

*Images found on the internet from various sources.


Well, why don’t you have a massive miniature weekend at the Ben Oakley Gallery?

The Ben Oakley Gallery in Greenwich, London presents ‘A Massive Miniatures Show’ with over 30 fantastic artists on a miniature scale.  The show is running until 31st August…Artists Include:

Hannah Adamaszek,
Dillon Akehurst, 
David Bray
, Pam Glew,
 Ray Richardson, 
Stuart Fortune,
 Aiste G, 
 Gonny Van Hulst,
 Rob Reed,
 Soft Wax, Yvonne Wayling,
 Ben Oakley
, Claire Swindale,
 Shirley Falconi
, Jimmy South,
 Carlos Martyn, Burgos,
 Carne Griffiths,
 Guy Denning
, John McCarthy,
 Ben Murphy,
 Everett Jaime, Blair Zaye
, Fret
 Matteo Giuntini,
 Mark Melvin,
 Barry Bish,
 Vanessa Lonchamp,
 Michael Newson,
 Airborne Mark,
 Claire Parsons,
 Orli Ivanov, 
Nikki Hill Smith, 
Jon Mortimer
, Lucy Sparrow, Eddy Suleyman,
 Hedley Roberts,
 Lewis Bannister,
 Becca Smith
, Ben Naz, Rowan Newton, 
Rugman Mobot