Well, why don’t you visit the home of Artist Claire Guiral?

French artist Claire Guiral AKA Miss Clara creates the most enchanting worlds from fine paper, sculpting characters inspired by her childhood. She also illustrates and paints large scale abstract paintings that can be found dotted around her eclectic home. Here are some pictures from her 1987 town house situated in Bordeaux, France…


Well, why don’t you get animalistic?

Taxidermy has been a popular art form the last few years.  Several artists have completed amazing works using this morbid medium.  I enjoy seeing the works in museums, but I struggle a bit with having a real dead animal in my home.  Luckily, other artists have created fabric or papier-mache animal pieces that I’m comfortable with.  I love the whimsical and enchanting feel…especially during this time of the year.

Tapestry Trends: Frédérique Morrel Tapestry Taxidermy - a look at the artist's home and studio,  Tracy Lee Lynch
Frédérique Morrel Tapestry Taxidermy
Abigail Brown | Fabric Bird Sculpture | Flamingo Bird Sculpture
Abigail Brown
Abigail Brown
Elaborate window display at Bergdorff Goodman along Fifth Avenue
Window at Bergdorf Goodman


Well, why don’t you watch this video on how to hang art in your home?

Hannah and I both use Youtube to learn how to do certain things from stretching our canvases to creating a screen print.  We also send our clients Youtube videos for art related questions.  Sometimes it is just easier to have a visual!  We came across this excellent video on Domaine Home via One Kings Lane.  It is a step by step guide on how to hang a “salon” style gallery wall in your home.   Really helpful tips!  Have a look…


Well, why don’t you get a little Glitz and Glam?

We can’t always lead a glitzy and glamorous life, but why not have an inspiring piece on our wall. This photo from Nadia Attura is exactly that. Nothing says glitz like The Ritz, and the effect she puts on the photograph gives it a bit of classic glamour and elegance. Here are a few modern day items as well to make your everyday world shine.

1. The Ritz by Nadia Attura

2. Gold Pendant Lamp from Lazy Susan

3. Classic Legs by Kelly Wearstler

4. Gold Cabinet from Gattox

5. L’Artisan Parfumeur from Ahalife